Masters School of Art

Christian Center for the Arts

MSOA Westside Staff

Anna Harrison, Westside MSOA Satellite Director

Drawing, Painting, Pastels, Watercolor and Pen & Ink Instructor

Anna is an MSOA Certified Instructor, with a Masters in drawing and painting. Her passion lies in working in all the classical art forms. She desires to share with others the love of drawing and painting in the style of the old masters. In 2011, she became the first graduate from MSOA’s college program. She’s been teaching with the MSOA family for about 10 years as well as in local after-school programs, and providing private art lessons. Anna has directed the Salem MSOA summer camp and is now the Director for our satellite campus where she not only teaches, but supervises teacher hiring and training.


Karissa Beutler: Anime

Karissa has always had a huge love for art and enjoys expressing her creativity. She was a student at MSOA Westside for two years and has been working with art her whole life. She is currently a college student and has always had a passion for teaching. She is working toward her goal of becoming a Preschool teacher. 


Meeghan Gough: Pastels, Colored Pencil Drawing, Painting

Meeghen is a homeschooling mom of six kids, three of whom have graduated high school. She has always enjoyed making art of all kinds, and especially loves seeing kids recognize that they too can create something beautiful. Four of her kids have attended MSOA and benefited from the excellent teaching and philosophy that makes MSOA special. She's excited to be part of the experience from the "other side".


Hannah LaTray, Drawing: Figure, Animals, Colored Pencil, Cartooning

Hannah has drawn her whole life, but really advanced during her semesters at MSOA where she aspires to graduate as a certified artist to share color and joy and truth with the world. “Art is a language, spoken without words.”




Sarah LaTray: Drama, Musical Theater

Sarah has a great passion for the art of storytelling from a stage. She highly values the opportunity to encourage others to develop a deep knowledge of how to perform excellently and bring truth and light through entertainment. She values imagination, responsibility, unity, courage, and most importantly, a Christian world-view on the liberal arts that God has blessed us with.


Shawn McCowan: Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Creative Writing

Mrs. Shawn McCowan has a B.A. in English, is a former journalist and is a homeschooling mother of four children, two of whom have now graduated. Although a writer herself, until finding IEW, she struggled with teaching her children (especially her reluctant writer and the one with a processing disorder) to write! She loves to help students discover the joy and pride in improving their skills and producing excellent works. 

Ethan Olson: Drawing, Pen & Ink, Stop-Motion Animation, Cartooning

Ethan is a high school graduate currently working toward a business degree. He has been involved with MSOA for the past four years, and his interests include film, art, and playing guitar.




Kim Rojas: Creative Writing, Watercolor, Spanish

Kim Rojas is fascinated with languages and communication and how they connect people. She obtained her BA in Spanish and her MS in Communication and is still amazed at how much there is to learn on the topic. Kim’s writing (in English!) has appeared online and in print nationwide. She has also studied drawing and painting for most of her life. Her other interests include the library, music, and church activities. Her goals as a teacher include inspiring young writers and artists to go public with their awesome talents. 


Paul Willis: Portrait Drawing, Pen & Ink

Paul Willis has been a life-long visual artist and musician. A natural born child of the arts, he cannot remember a time when he couldn’t create with his hands or vocalize in song. He earned an Associates Degree in Graphic Design early in life, and had the desire to continue with a fine arts degree. However, he felt called to join the military, serving for 20 years as a communications engineer and an information security technician. During his 20 years of service he and his wife homeschooled two older daughters through high school and continue to home school two younger children. Since living in the Portland metro area, Paul has earned an Associate of Applied Science with honors in Computer Network Administration with a Network Security concentration and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in History with the hopes of teaching at the middle and high school level. As a retired veteran, Paul desires to motivate people to achieve at the highest level just as he did for his Marines while serving in the military.


Gia Gallegos: Administration

Gia's career has spanned marketing management, advertising, graphic arts, and teaching in private liberal arts and business colleges. She’s worked in network-affiliate television, city-wide daily newspapers, national hotel chains and non-profit organizations. In college, she studied math, accounting, journalism, and publishing, earning her Associates degree. Since becoming a homeschooling mother, she’s transitioned to teaching crafts and civics in co-ops, writing, and encouraging homeschool parents. Her extended family is full of ministers, entrepreneurs, and performers. She spends much of her time now supporting her daughter’s arts education. Gia loves cooking, travel, music, and reading. Her goal as an administrator is to keep parents informed about the amazing progress their talented children are making finding their God-given creative gifts here at MSOA Westside.