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Adobe flash Animation - Class Description

Level: 201, Age Requirements: 12&Up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: Drawing 201

Computer Program: Adobe Flash



In this class we will fuse Adobe Flash's powerful tools and the use of a Wacom graphics tablet together to animate. Using this combination makes it easier than ever to create frame-by-frame animations without having to fumble, grasp and flip between a ton of paper! Students will first learn the basics of the program. Flash is a large program with many uses, but we only need a couple features in order to make our drawings move.

Students with then learn the 12 Principles of Animation, developed by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston of Walt Disney Studios, to give their drawings the illusion of life.



A 2GB usb drive to store their work-in-progress



Students will not be graded (unless in college); however, they will be evaluated by their ability to follow directions and complete the work required.

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