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Three Ingredients to a Healthy Relationship

Posted by MSOA on June 12, 2008 at 11:30 PM

Written by Evie Fishkin



Throughout life, we must face conflicts that arise either in our own family, at work or with friends. Most conflicts are due to miscommunication or the lack of communication. Good words are a gift. The right word build bridges.


1.    Intent:  Last year I read a book, ?Dealing with People You Can?t Stand? Bringing the best out of the worst of people. The book emphasized the importance in understanding the person?s intent. This means, listening before sounding off.  . Don?t assume wrong or make a premature judgment until we understand where the person is coming from and why. This is preventive medicine.


2.    Perception:  The other day a parent spoke to me about a perception their child had. What a soft way to say, my child has a problem. After the phone call, I thought more about the word perception. Yes, much of our miscommunication is due to different perceptions. After hearing the child?s perception, I understood why the mother was concerned. I would be as concerned. In the future I will use the word perception to get to the heart of the matter.


3.    Love:  Love is shown in a million ways. It is a form of appreciation demonstrated in word or deed. It builds up; it does not tear down. It looks for the good in others. It listens, and forgives. Love serves and encourages the downhearted. Love keeps short accounts, Love is faithful, Love covers sins?not exposes it. Loving words and deeds give hope, peace, joy and life to the world around us. Love makes us beautiful!



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