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Caricature - Class Description


Caricature 101

Level: 1, Age Requirements: 12 & up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: Drawing 101, Portrait 101 & 201 - Students must have already mastered the basic face



Students review the basic face and copy caricatures. Teacher demonstrates how to pick out the shape of the light on the face and the size and distance of features to exaggerate their already unique proportions. Students then practice with a lot of teacher guidance and refinement and will also work on the basic figure; its form and a little life drawing for the caricatures’ bodies. They will briefly experiment with caricature styles.



Students complete at least two caricatures from a picture, rendering one carefully and detailed for their final project. The picture should reflect and accurately depict the person’s look and personality (through prop or expression), but should be very exaggerated.


The school will provide all necessary supplies for this class. 



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time and making work up outside of class.



Students will be graded and will be evaluated by their ability to follow directions and complete the work required.




Caricature 201

Level: College, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: Portrait II, Caricature 101



Students refine their life portrait drawing skills. They practice drawing each other, drawing caricatures and creating them very fast. Students refine and perfect their skill and technique, and experiment with style papers and mixed media.



The school will provide all necessary supplies for this class.



Students complete this level upon demonstration of the ability to convey the person in front of them in a caricature with exaggerations in under ten minutes. Students must also complete a caricature of someone in a unique style.


*Caricature II has not yet been offered.