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Advanced Cartooning - class description


Cartooning 103A - 1st Semester

Description: Teaches students how to create their own comic characters. Emphasis is placed on the structure of the character, and on keeping the character's proportions the same from panel to panel. Also students will learn how to draw their characters in multiple poses and action shots. 

Cartooning 103B - 2nd Semester

Description: Teaches students how to draw different scenes, (interior, exterior, etc), and how to place their own characters inside the scenes. Emphasis is on perspective and on the relations/proportions of characters to each other and to their surroundings. 



Cartooning 201: Some Cool Skills

Pre-requisite: Drawing 101, Cartooning 103A & 103B required



We will be focusing on pages with multiple panels, rather than the single panel, gag style cartoon.

This class will help cartoonists, illustrators, animators, and those wanting to draw graphic novels.



OBJECTIVES - Things we’ll be working on:

Character Sheets: Your well rounded toon.

Expanding your Style: Is your favorite style “Sunday funnies”, “Tintin”, “Mouseguard”, or something else?

(Also called “Discovering great reads: Hey, I bet I can draw that style!”)

Toon Anatomy – posing, proportions and personality. (Also called figure drawing for toons)

Twenty-two panels that always add interest (and a few to avoid). Adding visual drama to your page.

Backgrounds: Creating an interesting world for your toons to live in.






Cartooning 202: Skills for the Larger Project

Pre-requisite: Cartooning 201, Drawing 101 required



Building on 201, and adding:

In depth backgrounds – when the scene takes center stage.

Composition: Bringing a panel, a page, and a book into balance.

Timing: Learning tricks to speed up, slow down, and surprise your reader.


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