Masters School of Art

Christian Center for the Arts

Cartooning: Superheroes - Class Description 


Age Requirements: 12 & up - or instructor’s consent

Prerequisites: Cartooning 101 and Drawing 101 (Drawing 201 and Figure Drawing are preferred.)


DESCRIPTION: Face front true believer! Dive into the minds of some of the great comic artists. Decide who wins in the struggle between good and evil. This class will start with basic figure drawing and action poses. Then, the students will learn muscle structure (because every hero has muscles) and facial expressions.



To give the students the tools to pull ideas and characters out of their heads and put them on paper.



The instructors will provide the paper. The student needs to provide a wild imagination, pencils, (mechanical is preferred for this class) ruler, and inking pens.



Each student will be creating unique heroes and villains all term. Final project will be a large cover art with heroes the student has created and displayed in the art show.