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Claymation - Class Description


Level: 1, Age Requirements: All



Students will work both individually and on teams in order to complete their animations.  The course will begin with basic modeling concepts and practice.  Students will later be grouped by the instructor to work on their final projects.  The projects will consist of at least one character and a background moving over the course of at least 120 frames.


Students will learn to make wire frame characters and backgrounds, coat frames properly with clay, and use stop motion to make both their characters and backgrounds move.



The school will provide all necessary materials for this class.


Class time:

Students will not be able to bring projects home to work on them.  See instructor for getting additional work time if needed.


Code of Conduct:

Students will not be graded, unless in college, but will be evaluated on how much they accomplish in class, how well they follow directions, and for putting things back where they should be (not just where they found it).


How to Succeed:

Work hard, be nice, have fun.

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