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Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose an art school?

In an art school, students have the opportunity to focus their studies on learning and mastering their craft, without juggling their time with the added stresses of unrelated courses. After taking two to three years of liberal arts courses (English, math, science, history, philosophy, etc.), an art student has little time to take more than introductory courses in their major. To become a successful artist, a student needs four years of undivided time devoted to learning the craft. After four years of art education, students are better prepared to face the world, endowed with in-depth skills essential to success as an artist in both craft and business.


Is there a need for artists?

There is a vacuum in the arts due to budget cuts, and as a result, the fine craft of representational drawing and painting has almost been forgotten. There is a great demand for artists in the advertisement industry, design companies, illustration, film, as well as a myriad of other creative businesses that need skilled artists.


What are the advantages of being an artist?

Artists can craft their career to fit their lifestyle. They can be self-employed and work from home, free to go on vacations when they like, or take time off if someone in the family is ill. They can teach workshops or private lessons from their own home. Weather doesn’t impede business. They can do commission work and make time to paint for pleasure. Finally, art is a pleasing experience both for artists and for those who view their work.


Why not learn on my own?

A good art school will take you from your current skill level to the mastering of your craft. Teachers provide valuable guidance and personalized input that can help a student reach his or her goals.


Why choose a Christian art college over a secular one?

Most secular schools have veered from representational art and the techniques of the masters. By omitting the foundational techniques of the artistic discipline, artists are left without the ability to communicate their vision on canvas. Their only option is to create from what is already within them. They are encouraged to draw "what you feel." Representational drawing is devalued and labeled photographic or illustration. To become a great artist one must assimilate information from an outside source. Aristotle wrote, "Art takes nature as its model," and the Roman philosopher Seneca that, "All art is but an imitation of nature." In secular schools a Christian must draw and paint nudes. Yes, the body is beautiful, but it is also sacred. Conservative estimates show that 48% of Christians who go to secular schools turn away from their faith. We are to be lights in a dark world, and it's time Christians reclaim art, a powerful means of communication.


Why attend Masters School of Art?

MSOA is one of few Christian art schools that exist in our country.

MSOA is a positive and safe place.

MSOA is committed to excellence.

MSOA has a strong program that will enable students to master their craft.

MSOA offers small, personal classes.

MSOA is affordable.

MSOA teachers are passionate about teaching their craft.

MSOA does not allow nude drawing, but offers in-depth study of the human form.


Who can enroll in MSOA’s College Program?

Students who are 18 years of age or older may enroll in MSOA’s College Program. Adults over the age of 25 may not enroll in Thursday or Friday classes, unless the parent of a current MSOA student. Adults of any age may enroll in Tuesday classes.


Is MSOA accredited?

MSOA is not accredited. MSOA is a trade school, and, as such, we do not offer Liberal Art courses in math, language arts, science etc.

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