Masters School of Art

Christian Center for the Arts

                 College Program

 Masters School of Art (MSOA) is a Christian art school that hearkens a return to the days before modernist theory all but erased centuries of high art. While we applaud individuality, at MSOA, foundational principles are laid and a strong emphasis is placed on studying the techniques of the old masters.

MSOA offers a unique opportunity for artists and aspiring artists to study in a positive, low-pressure atmosphere. Classes are small and personal with an emphasis on individualized attention. Encouragement of students? passion for art is hoped to spur their drive toward mastery of their craft. They will be given ample opportunity to stretch their abilities and to work at their own pace.

MSOA is an independent trade school dedicated to helping artists of all ages reach their full potential.  It is our desire to see each individual using his or her God-given gifts and talents for God?s glory, whether that be for leisure or for work.