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Color Pencil Portrait - Class Description





Artwork by Lisa Barnes ©2011

Level: 101

Pre-requisites: Color Pencil 101 and Portrait 101 preferred


Level 102

Pre-requisites: CPPortrait 101, Color Pencil 101 and Portrait 101 required 

CLASS DESCRIPTION: The students will begin learning a few basic color pencil portrait techniques by working on facial features such as eyes, ears and mouths. If they have not already taken color pencil from MSOA, they will begin with the color wheel and may work on facial features longer until they grasp the concept of basic color pencil techniques. They will work on blending multiple colors together to create a desired result. Once this technique is understood, the student will move on to a simple portrait of either an animal or person for their first assignment. The instructor will show how to make corrections and make improvements.


OBJECTIVES: The students will learn the importance of a light touch, layering of colors and sharp color pencils. Each student will need to bring approximately an 8x10 picture of the portrait they want to copy as their final project (original reference pictures preferred for 101 level students; original reference pictures are required for the more advanced students). There will be a few reference pictures available for students to choose from if they don't bring one from home.   


SUPPLIES: A set of Prismacolor pencils is required. You may also want to purchase extra individual pencils for use of skin tones, such as peach, beige, rose, tan, cream, sienna brown, etc. For final projects, Bristol board is supplied by the school, but if the student wishes to do their final project on a matte board, then they will need to purchase at least an 8x10 board from their local art supply store, such as Blicks or Michaels. Colored paper and matte boards are optional. Our school office may have a few smaller, colored matte boards available for purchase. 



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