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COLOR THEORY - Class Description


Level: Adv/College,  Age requirement: All, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: Color Pencil and Painting preferred for students under 18; No prerequisites for students over 18

Instructor Permission: None



This class not only gives you practical understand of color theory, but gives you hands on opportunity to explore the impact of color combinations, harmony, emotions and color composition. This will enable you to gain a better understanding of basic color theory that can help you decide what colors match and how color affects people.   



The class is designed for the right-brained students to experience color in a fun and creative way. Most work will be done in class.



The school provides most supplies for this class, however you are encouraged to bring colored pencils and whatever you have to see the differences in mixing mediums.



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time. Students are responsible to make up missed work outside of regular class hours.




Students will not be graded (unless in college); however, they will be evaluated through level of skill and performance in class. It is helpful for students to understand color theory before moving on to other color classes. Help in setting up and cleaning the room after class is expected. Each student is responsible for his or her own area.



An understanding of color theory will enhance all art works. You will be able to apply this theory in all your creative endeavors.





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