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Composition - Class Description

Level: Adv/College, Age Requirements: 14&Up, Prerequisites: Drawing 101 and 201 required.



Composition can create either a strong and interesting piece of work, or a weak and confused piece of work. A well composed picture locks the viewer into the picture, provokes thought, or mood.



The class will study the main elements of design. The study will include unity, balance,depth, picture area, harmony, emphasis in points of interest or line leading the eye through out the picture (can be also done through contrast of light and dark. The study will include discussion, visual learning and hands work in developing a original master harmonious composition).


The school will provide all necessary supplies for this class. 



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time and making work up outside of class.



Students will be graded and will be evaluated by their ability to follow directions and complete the work required.


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