Masters School of Art

Christian Center for the Arts

Contemporary Dance - class description


Level: 13 & Up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: None, Limit: 8 students



Students will be taught a combination of lyrical, ballet and jazz style dances.  They will learn at least one full dance that they will perform as a part of the Fall/Spring Revue.



To begin to learn the basics of movement, dance technique, and performance value, and to discover the fun that dance can be!


No supplies needed except a good attitude and willingness to move!  If desired, jazz or ballet shoes may make the experience more enjoyable, but are not required.



Students will not be graded (unless in college); however, they will be evaluated by their attitude, participation level, and ability to follow directions.



To be successful in this class, students need to retain some of the steps learned over the term as well as perform their dance at the end of the term without the help of the instructor.  The greatest success will be found in doing their best and enjoying it!