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Digital portrait - class description

Level: 201

Prerequisite Classes: Portrait 201, Digital Painting, Painting201



In this class we will combine skills learned in portrait classes with digital painting. We will learn how to install custom made brushes for a faster workflow, specifically when working with the human face. We will dive into doing faster portraits, using streamlined brush settings to get an impressionistic feel, as well as learn more about focused, accurate brushwork. We will also go more in depth with image resolution and pixel density to be able to make high quality large-sized prints.



A 2+ GB (gigabyte) Flash Drive will be needed to store the student's work.  Flash drives are available at just about every office supplies store for $15+.  Students will also be paying for their own printing costs, which will likely be $25 and up.  Printing costs will vary depending on size, quantity, quality, etc.



Students will not be graded (unless in college); however, they will be evaluated through level of skill performed in class.  Students will also be expected to keep track of their own projects, which will be kept on their flash drive.  The school and teacher will not be responsible for their loss or deletion.

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