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Drama - Class Description

DRAMA - Fall 2014 Term

Level: 13&Up

Instructor: Barb Steely 



Introduction to Drama provides a basic introduction to skills involved in creating and participating in theatre. Students will be given a foundation in stage direction, movement, stage composition, voice, and character work. 



Drama Journal

Pens, Pencils, etc

Loose/comfortable clothing and clean, easy-fitting socks/footwear


Drama 101 and Drama (Improv) - combined classes

Level: All, Age Requirements: 13 & Up



The class will focus on stage presence, learning lines, blocking, facial expressions and emoting. 

Improv will explore and strengthen students acting ability through theatre games and exercises. The games are fun and low pressure. This class is designed to help students confidence, skill, ability to experiment and Improv will help them to think more quickly on their feet.

Students need to come willing to participate. Within the safety of our class, students will be rewarded with applause and the occasional candy prizes. Students will walk away from class with confidence and with a stronger ability to laugh at themselves. There will be some minor memorization required.


No supplies needed except a good attitude and willingness to act!


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