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Elements of Writing (eow) 101

Level: 101; Age limit: 14&Up; Pre-requisites: none 

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Plot and Character Development


            This course will aid students in the technical aspects of creative writing with a focus on character development and plot layout. Students will learn the importance of developing and fleshing out concise, clear, and believable characters. Students will also learn to layout a well planned progressive plot that takes the characters successfully from beginning to end.


Every student will be required to have:


·        Imagination

·        Courage

·        Interest in participating in a writing community


Student learning outcomes:


·        Create, flesh out, and develop complex characters

·        Understand the importance of character relations (Villain vs. Hero)

·        Construct a fully planned plot (the story’s backbone)

·        Identify character and conflict types

·        Become familiar with literary terms and devices

·        Develop a sense of literary criticism

·        Critique the work of other writers

·        Draft, revise, and edit their own work



-          Pen/Pencil

-          Notebook

-          Computer/tablet (optional)





Weekly –

         Weekly assignment deal with prompts on the current topic of that week