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Film - Class Description

Level: 101, Age Requirements: 14&Up, Format: Classroom/Outside; Instructor Permission Required: No

Level 102: Age Requirements: 14&Up, Format: Classroom/Outside; Pre-requisite: Film 101



Students will learn the basics of filmmaking: framing a shot, storytelling, editing and directing; will be taught in a hands-on manner. Short films and various movie clips will also be employed to teach different aspects of film.



Each student will be assigned two different projects, each emphasizing different aspects of film, and a final project (a culmination of what students have learned during the term) which will e shown at the End-of-term Revue. College students will have homework to create and submit their own individual short films as well as participate in the collaborative effort of the in-class project.



Preferably, the students would have a camera with video capability and access to a basic editing program (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, etc.)



Students will not be graded (unless in College); however, they will be evaluated on their ability to follow directions and complete assignments. Be on time, as others are counting on you to complete a common goal – This is filmmaking!


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