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Interior Design - Class Description

Level: Introduction/101, Age Requirements: 11 & Up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: Drawing 101 and Color Pencil 101 preferred.



An introductory course teaching the elements of interior design, what interior designers do, and what interior design involves. This is an overview course, just brushing on the basics of interior design. 



We will do various projects such as floorplan and elevation drawing, inspiration boards, bubble diagrams, and an analysis of why a room design does or does not work functionally. There will be some homework in class.


We recommend a basic set of colored pencils, trace paper (like either a roll of it or a pad or two of it), and maybe a sketchbook. You may also want to bring posterboard, material examples (ie paintchips, fabric swatches, etc)



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time and making work up outside of class.



There will be homework in this class, but not to the point where it's too much. Students will be evaluated/graded and will be given a progress report to update how they are doing in the class.

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