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Lettering & typography - Class Description


Level: 101, Age Requirements: 12&Up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: None



The Typography and lettering class will cover Basic typography guidelines and techniques such as: Hand Lettering techniques and styles; How to create a font for a complete alphabet (and actually make one); Proportion, slant and spacing; Serif and San Serif fonts; Decorative initial letters; Using type to compliment art work (Personalities of fonts and conveying meaning) AND using type alone (as graphic design).



Students will learn to emphasize the meaning of different phrases and words through all of the above skills.There will be homework required for college students.



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time and making work up outside of class.



Students will not be graded, unless in college; they will all be evaluated by their attitude, participation level, ability to follow directions and complete the work required.



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