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Marketing Your art

Level 201: Int/Adv; Age requirement: 14 & Up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites* - Drawing 201 and Painting 102 required; Color Pencil 102 preferred



A guided workshop with the end goal of actually earning money with art. Through lecture, discussion and guest speakers, we will explore various ways artists can use their skills to earn a part time or full time living. We will cover the legal limits on what can be sold, how to prepare your art for market, and how to find people who will enjoy your art online, in person and through other outlets.

Advanced level: There will be field trip opportunities outside of class time such as a sales call, gallery visits, or selling at weekend bazaars or art fairs.



Student needs to be ready to consider their work objectively. We create art for many reasons--always to glorify God, sometimes to please ourselves and sometimes to please others. Preparing art to sell may mean creating works that are not entirely made to please ourselves, but rather to suit someone else's taste. One hour a week homework will be required. 



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time. Students are responsible to make up missed work outside of regular class hours.



Students will not be graded (unless in College); however they will be evaluated through their level of maturity and cooperation.


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