Masters School of Art

Christian Center for the Arts


Mission Statement

Masters School of Art is a non-denominational Christian art school adhering to conservative values. We aim to be above reproach in both curriculum and theory.  MSOA Foundational Studies and College Program strongly support the classical arts. Our goal is to teach the secrets of the old masters, bringing back the craft of the Renaissance. Foundational to the visual arts program is representational drawing, the mastery of which opens the door to versatility in subject and medium.

MSOA’s teachers and staff are committed to excellence in teaching and in developing a positive class atmosphere. Small classes and individual attention help each student reach his or her maximum potential.

We aspire to create a school where different disciplines of the arts (drawing, painting, graphics, multimedia, music, dance, drama, film, etc.) work hand in hand, supporting and strengthening one another, and our goal is to use the arts to minister to churches, the community, and the world.



Statement of Faith


MSOA is a Christian art school that holds to the inerrant Word of God. We believe in the whole canon of Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments. We do not add to or take away from the doctrines that are in the Bible. We do not promote teachings that go beyond Scripture. We strongly believe in creation, Scripture as the inspired Word of God, the right to life, the Trinity, the deity of Christ, salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ’s shed blood for us and the resurrection.



Philosophy of Art


Learning from outside enables us to better express what is within. God is the Master Artist. Art takes nature (His creation) as its model. Visual and auditory communication is as much a language as the written and spoken word. What we see and hear provides our vocabulary. The stronger our vocabulary the clearer and more free the expression of our message.

Imagery, melody, and the tongue are the most powerful means of communication. They capture our emotions and our hearts. They are the driving forces of our culture. The body is sacred, as is put forth in the Bible.* Nude life drawing is not necessary. It is not necessary to view the unclothed form to understand and draw the inner skeletal and muscular relationships or to dynamically and accurately compose the human form.


*Genesis 3:7-8; Genesis 9:20-25; Isaiah 58:7,9