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Mixed Mediums - Class Description


Level: 101, Age Requirements: 12 & Up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: Drawing 101 and Color Pencil 101 required; Watercolor 101 preferred.



In this class we will be working with some pencil drawings and pens ( like ball point). Please bring colored pencils, watercolors (or acrylics) and brushes. Sketch markers or copics if you have them and I will bring my pastels. We will begin with a test picture in order to get the feel of various mediums that work together. Please bring a few pictures or any past work you've done at home for suggestions.



You may choose from the instructor's selection of pictures. Bring what ever art tools you have already and I will work with you and discuss their use. Classes, such as watercolor, color pencils, and drawing 101 & 102, that you've taken before will really be to your advantage. If you have a picture you've done in the past you are not happy with, bring it and we will make it better. We will not be doing abstracts, collage, however acrylics may be used as a watercolor option.


You need to bring color pencils, watercolors (or acrylics) plus your own brushes. If you have sketch marker, copic markers, pen & ink sets or pastels it will be helpful. Watercolor paper and bristol board will be supplied by the school.



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time and making work up outside of class. Each student is responsible for cleaning their area up after class.



Students will not be graded, unless in college, but will be evaluated by their ability to follow directions and complete the work requirements. Patience and a positive attitude is greatly appreciated.

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