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Pastels - Class Description

Instructor: Anna Harrison



Level: Adv/College

Age Requirement: 14 & Up

Prerequisites: Drawing 101 required; Painting 101, Color Pencil 101 preferred.  




In this class, the students will learn how to mix and build layers of color in pastel as they work on their project. The first class is spent selecting and then drawing in pencil the piece they will work on. By the end of the term, students will leave with a greater understanding of how to begin and complete a pastel picture on their own.




Bring in a few photos of what you would like to use as your reference. The instructor will help you decide which picture to use. 


- A set of soft pastels, the biggest you can afford. These brands are all acceptable.

 - Winsor & Newton
 - Schmincke
 - Rembrandt
 - Sennelier

A great bargain is a set of 15 half sticks in Rembrandt for about $22.00.

A set of pastel pencils, the biggest set you can afford.
A good brand is Faber Castell. If you can not buy a set, they sell them in open stock at Art Media for about $2.00 each.

The colors you will need are:

-Blue# 1122-157
-Red#  1121-225
-Yellow# 1122-185
-Brown# 1122-177
-Green# 1122-167
-White# 1122-101

A set of hard pastels - provided by MSOA. If you wish to purchase your own set of hard pastels, you will need a set of NuPastels, the biggest set you can afford.

Pastel paper, Anna will provide the paper for $6.00 for one 11x14 piece.
We are hoping that you will be able to finish at least two finals for the semester, which would cost a total of $12.00 in paper.
The total expense for the supplies listed above will be about $46.00.



*This class has an extra cost of $10/month for all students.



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