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Perspective - Class Description


Level: 201, Age Requirement: 12 and up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisite: Drawing 101 required, Drawing 201 preferred.

Students will learn techniques of perspective to help all of their artwork look more realistic. Basic one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective will be explained. Lessons will include drawing houses, roads, stairs, reflections, and other landscape elements. Drawing grids in perspective and their uses will be explored. Students should be able to draw lines accurately using a ruler. The teacher keeps ongoing projects in the teacher's box labeled for that class at the art school. This keeps unfinished work from getting lost, damaged, or forgotten at home. Older students may be given permission to work on projects at home.

SUPPLIES: Clear plastic ruler; pencils, including a mechanical pencil; eraser.


CLASS TIME: Any homework may include practicing exercises done in class. This will help reinforce principles and techniques explained in class.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Clean up - This includes removing one's belongings, giving class materials back to the teacher, and brushing eraser crumbs off the tables. End-of-the-day students will be asked to sweep the floor, stack chairs, etc. before leaving.

HOW TO SUCCEED: Students are expected to be attentive and willing to receive guidance from the teacher. In the latter part of the term all students will work on a final project, assigned by the teacher, for the exhibit. This project is intended to demonstrate the student's grasp of the principles taught in this class. For college students this completed work will be a major part of their grade. All drawings, including the final, should be neatly done, with a few lines showing perspective left on purpose.


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