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Poetry - Class Description


Instructor: Leesha White


Level 101: Age requirement: 12 & Up, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: none

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This course will aid students in the development of the techniques and analysis of poetry. Students will learn the importance and use of language, metaphors, and other literary devices. Beyond craft, the course will teach students how to participate in a writing community and to prepare a portfolio of poetry.

Every student will be required to have:                 

·        Imagination

·        Courage

·        Interest in learning and writing poetry



·         Understand, discuss, and write a variety of poetry

·         Write in a variety of poetic topics and genres

·         Draft, revise, and edit their own work

·         Write powerfully and creatively using poetry

·         Use their new knowledge of the poetry to enrich their lives.


-          Pen/Pencil

-          Notebook

-          No electronics (Exceptions by teacher approval)



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time. Students are responsible to make up missed work outside of regular class hours.



Students will not be graded (unless in College); however they will be evaluated through their level maturity and cooperation.


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