Masters School of Art

Christian Center for the Arts

Sign Language - Class Description

Karen Williams, Instructor


 LEVEL: 1, Age Requirement: All, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: None, Instructor Permission Required: No

DESCRIPTION: Students will learn the finger alphabet as well as basic signs and phrases in American Sign Language (ASL). We will not be using Signed English or any form of Manual Coded English. The grammar of ASL and deaf culture will be discussed. In-class exercises will include practicing finger spelling words, and simple conversations with fellow students using signed phrases and sentences. This will be a fun class and great introduction to this beautiful language.

SUPPLIES: A positive attitude, and fingers and hands in good working order :)

CLASS TIME: Teaching will be classroom format. The teacher may show videos in class of native signers for demonstration purposes. Any homework may include practicing the alphabet and signs and phrases learned in class. Practicing at home will be encouraged. In addition the class may perform in the school presentation at the end of the term, perhaps in conjunction with the choir.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Clean up - This includes removing one's belongings, giving any class materials back to the teacher.  The teacher may also request help in rearranging chairs, etc., to make the classroom ready for other classes.

HOW TO SUCCEED: Students are expected to be attentive, willing to be corrected, put forth good effort in learning both to read and form the signs.