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Traditional Tae Kwon Do - Class Description

Instructor: Cindy Miguel


Level: beginning (white, yellow, orange belts) Prerequisites: none



Tae Kwon Do (translated, “the way of the hand and foot”) is a Korean martial art, somewhat similar to Karate, but with a larger focus on kicks.  At MSOA, students will learn about the art’s history, techniques and most importantly, how “fearfully and wonderfully we are made” (Psalm 139).  Students will learn the basic stances, blocks, strikes and kicks as well as the applications in the context of the traditional (Chang Hon) forms, Chonji, Dan Gun and Do San.  Students will learn sparring, self defense and breaking techniques in the context of drills and patterns.  We will practice the 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit, allowing for these tenets to be walked out in class and in our everyday lives. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.”  (II Timothy 1:7)



Learning the basic techniques including stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, knowledge and forms associated with the white, yellow, or orange belt rank. 

Preparing to test for the next rank, if desired. 

Practicing kind etiquette and respectful behavior.



A fun, high-energy class that will help students grow in strength, balance, coordination, self-discipline, focus & self-advocacy.  Students will learn and grow not only from their instructor, but from one another as well.



A traditional martial arts uniform is recommended, but not required.  The instructor will order the uniforms for the students after the first class.  (For the first class, students should wear exercise appropriate clothing. Wear clothing that allows for movement in class. No loose fitting shorts please.)  The cost of the uniform is $20 and includes the belt.  The uniform is a one-time expense and should last throughout their martial arts training until black belt, except for our younger students who will outgrow them. As time goes on, we can organize uniform exchanges.  No further gear is required, just bare feet and an attitude that’s ready to learn.



To be successful in this class, students should be prepared to practice at home daily and keep a journal that will be given to them by their instructor.  In the context of this art, students will be encouraged to set goals based on their individual needs and work hard to overcome barriers.  Students may work towards testing for the next rank and providing a demonstration at the end of the term. 


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