Masters School of Art

Christian Center for the Arts

A note from our Parents, Instructors and Students

"Masters School of Art has nurtured creativity in our children and have given them discipline and training in an atmosphere of acceptance and edification. We are watching our children bloom through these classes as they discover their abilities and God-given talents. The staff of MSOA have a passion to instill high quality artistic skill in their students, equip them to beautifully express the gifts that God has placed with them and to understand how to give glory to God through their expression. The results are seen in the students' skill, confidence and quality of work. We consider it a great honor to be part of Masters School of Art, and are so thankful for the vision its founders and teachers are passing on to our children." ~Patricia Ettestad (Parent)


"In the first few months after I began classes at MSOA, I learned so much. It has really helped me with my art skills. I appreciate my teachers. They give so much of their time to us." ~Charity Batson (College student) 


"MSOA is an amazing school taking the simplest things and making them beautiful.  We appreciate how our kids at such a young age can draw and paint beautiful." ~Margie Tipton (Parent)


"Masters School of Art has taught me to not give up on a dream that seems too hard to get or even impossible, but to keep on working and excelling in God's way. I have been with MSOA for one and a half years and am going to continue in it." ~Beau Ettestad (College Student)


"Masters School of Art teaches me that I have talent and not to throw it away. They have taught me a lot." ~Young Foundational Studies student


"Masters School of Art has not only helped me grow in my art skills, but also because of it's dedication to ministry, it has help strengthen my walk with the Lord. I love the school's philosophy and stand behind them in all their endeavors. In the four years that I have been a part of MSOA, I am constantly amazed with the sweet, gentle spirit of the children. It is a special honor and privilege to be a part of this school." ~Lisa Barnes (Instructor and College student)


"I see MSOA as a way to enhance my children's future. They are being given incredible art instruction that I have not seen offered elsewhere. My 9 and 11 year old are developing skills that may help direct their future in ways that otherwise wouldn't be possible." ~Teresa Wold (Parent and Instructor)


"Drawing 201 has really helped me expand my knowledge of different art forms. I really enjoyed learning and strengthening the right side of my brain." ~Krista Lamproe (Instructor and College student)


"Drawing class was both fun and challenging. I really enjoyed it and it helped strengthen my drawing skils." ~Christine A. (Foundational Studies student)


"Thanks for all you do! We appreciate all you do to keep the cost down for Art School. We know that MSOA has been an answer to prayer for Peter. He had all this talent inside of him that we, as parents, were unaware of, and now he is blooming and so very happy. Thanks so much and God bless you all for all the work and ministry you do each week!" ~Seth and Anne Light (Parents)


"Dear Masters School of Art, I am a teacher at the Alliance Charter Academy and have the joy of working with some of your students.  Our Middle School Writing class created small books as part of a showcase we held in January.  Two of your students, Emma and Fletcher Wold, did remarkable illustration work for their books.  I even noticed one showcase guest taking some photos of their books to show his children!  Kudos" ~Adrienne Fajen


"MSOA is teaching [my oldest daughter] so much more then just art. I have seen her come out of her shell and her comfort zone and become comfortable in front of people and take a leadership position where she has had to be front and center, and she is becoming more confident in her abilities and passionate in her heart for Christ - which is my ultimate prayer for all of my children. She really feels like she belongs to a family at MSOA and that means so much to me. I hope and pray that one day she may join in on one of the mission trips and have the opportunity to reach out to others and share God's love with them - as I have seen some of the other youth do through your school.
I truly felt like God was telling me to put [my younger daughter] there also because it was the right thing to do and the right place for her to be. She tried public school last year for 4th grade and had a very hard time finding any kids who would accept her and be kind to her. She spent the whole year bouncing from one group of girls one day - to another group the next, because they would say things like "we aren't your friend anymore and you can't play with us". She was also bullied and made fun of. We stayed and tried to handle it for the whole year, and we were very proud of how she handled the whole thing and what she learned. But this year she deserved to try somewhere else that would love her and embrace her instead of bully her, and MSOA is the best place for her to get that kind of support - plus she just loves art too." ~Danielle Richardson (Parent)