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Theatre Arts - Class Description

Instructor: Anneliese Chapman

Storybook Theatre 
Discover the actor inside of you! By using theatre games and improvisation, students will learn basic theatre skills in a supportive, creative and fun environment. Learn how to answer the questions all actors must ask before they even pick up a script: Who? Where? What? Why? How? The students will learn to adapt a story into a script to perform. This class is the first step to building a solid foundation in the art of acting. 
(Limit 10 Students)
This class will introduce students to the rich world of Shakespeare. Using Shakespearean monologues and scenes, each participant will begin to learn to unlock the text, as well as explore the artistic depth and richness these plays provide through personalization, humor, and character. Explore characters and relationships on a deeper level. In this class, students will track a character's journey through  scene work and learn to further articulate the essential elements of a character's objectives, obstacles, conflicts and relationships. 
*Prerequisite: Placement in this class will be by audition. Those wanting to be consider for this class will memorize and prepare Ecclesiastics 1:1-10.
(Limit 6 Students)





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