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Yearbook - Class Description



Level: All, Age Requirements: 13&up, Format: Classroom; Instructor Permission Required, Pre-requisites: Computer Art 101 - must be familiar with Adobe Photoshop; Photography preferred



This class will work on putting together the school yearbook. Students will take photos and design layouts (pages) in creative ways using Adobe Photoshop.



To do the work necessary in designing and creating a yearbook for Thursday and Friday school. 


Students must have their own digital camera. They will be taking lots of pictures throughout the term.



Every student will be expected to produce multiple pages for the yearbook under the guidance of the instructor. The student will be expected to create layout designs using tools and techniques provided to them. Every page must be approved by the Yearbook Editor.



Students will not be graded (unless in college); however, they will be evaluated on their ability to follow directions and to complete the pages they are assigned.

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