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YouTube - Class description

Level: 101; Age requirements: 13 & Up



This is a comprehensive class to master the use of the YouTube website. We will cover topics such as copyrights, music use and performance, basics of camera and recording equipment and software, building and engaging an audience, search engines, channel and personality branding, and monetization (yes, people make real money from YouTube).

This is NOT a film-making class. The DO's and DO-NOT's of YouTube will be taught and mastered in this class. Note-taking is required, as students will need to refer back to information taught in the class in order to further their YouTube and internet presence. As YouTube and the internet changes, this class will change, so it is expected
that many students will want to take the class again to learn new concepts, rules and interfaces.


Each student will be assigned the task of creating their own personally branded YouTube channel, complete with relevant videos. If possible, students will have their videos monetized by the end of the term.


Students will not be graded (unless in College); however, they will be evaluated on their ability to follow directions
and complete assignments. Note-taking is required. Students will be expected to rely on their extensive notes to complete the class and their personal projects.


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